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I am an accomplished innovator, researcher, inventor, and educator in signal processing and wireless communication. I enjoy technical consulting, expert witness work, teaching, and mentoring. Let me help your company with 5G and beyond.

more than 60 patents and 700 refereed publications
fellow of the IEEE

MIMO expertise

I have been working on MIMO communications since 1999. With my students, collaborators, and industrial partners, I have developed theory, algorithms, and implementations that push the frontiers of multiple antenna communication technology. 

short courses

Foundations of MIMO communications

Learn the principles of MIMO communication from its information theory fundamentals. This course follows the book Foundations of MIMO Communications, which was developed over 14 years. It assumes some knowledge of graduate level communications but a prior course on information theory is not required. It is relevant for practical engineers as it explains important foundations that underpin all modern communication systems, and provides connections to design decisions made in standards, e.g. coherent demodulation, pilots, OFDMA, etc. 

Introduction to wireless Communications

Learn wireless communications following the book Introduction to Wireless Digital Communications: A Signal Processing Perspective. It only requires background in undergraduate probability and digital signal processing, making it suitable for electrical engineers from many backgrounds. Topics include digital modulation, demodulation, channel estimation, synchronization, OFDM, SC-FDE, and MIMO communication. Examples are provided from WiFi and cellular standards. 

Millimeter wave mimo

Millimeter wave has become a defining feature of 5G cellular communications and next generations of WiFi like 802.11ay. Learn how going to millimeter wave and THz bands creates new and interesting challenges for MIMO communications. The emphasis of this course is on signal processing for millimeter wave MIMO communications, but can also be more focused on different aspects of communications. 

Courses may be offered for 1 hour, 4 hours, or multiple days depending on your interests. Remote delivery of all courses is possible. Other topics may be  available or developed upon request.


Going towards 6g
Machine learning for MIMO
MmWave V2X


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